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Welcome to Eco Demolition, your trusted partner for high-quality, efficient, and safe demolition services in Melrose Park and surrounding suburbs. Our reputation for exceptional service within Sydney has been built on over 18 years of experience. 


Guiding you through the entire demolition process, our seasoned professionals cater to various needs like approvals, site preparation, and clean-up, ensuring your project progresses smoothly.


Our Services

Other services include

  • Shop strip out
  • Office strip out
  • Partial demolition
  • Garage demolition
  • Concrete removal
  • Clearance certificate
  • Tree removal

Knock down rebuild (KDR)

  • Full house demolition
  • Site clear and ready for building
  • DA approval (Private certifier)
  • Asbestos clearance certificate
  • Demolition clearance certificate
  • Asbestos removal & remediation
  • Partial demolition
  • Office / shop strip out
  • Commercial strip out
  • Asbestos report and testing
  • End of lease rubbish removal

Comprehensive Demolition Services in Melrose Park

When it comes to demolition in Melrose Park, Eco Demolition leaves no stone unturned. Our industry-savvy team knows and understands the intricacies of different demolition projects, be they residential or commercial. Immersed in the local market, we are well-versed with Melrose Park’s specific compliance requirements, helping to expedite any required permits.

Melrose Park, nestled near Turramurra and Ermington, is a bustling nursery for residential and commercial construction activities. Similarly, nearby suburbs like Gladesville and Lane Cove also have ongoing development projects, indicating high demand and potential for our demolition services.

Why Choose Eco Demolition For Demolition in Melrose Park?

Eco Demolition stands tall amongst demolition contractors in Sydney, thanks to our unparalleled dedication, state-of-the-art technology, and expertise.

  • Experienced Personnel: With over 18 years of experience, our professionals are capable of handling diverse projects, ensuring a smooth process from beginning to end.
  • Exceptional Service: We’re not just focused on completing the job; we’re invested in providing clients with a superior experience. From securing necessary permits to final clean-up, we take care of everything.
  • Asbestos Removal: Our team at Eco Demolition is fully licensed to handle asbestos removal efficiently and safely, mitigating any potential risks associated with this harmful substance.


House Demolitions in Melrose Park

Melrose Park, an increasingly popular choice for residential construction, requires efficient and reliable house demolition services. At Eco Demolition, we offer seamless, hassle-free services tailored to meet individual project requirements. Our experts are skilled in carrying out large-scale projects as well as confined space demolitions, ensuring every task is executed with precision and care.

Your Guide to the Demolition Process in Melrose Park

Demolishing a property can be a daunting task, but with Eco Demolition, that doesn’t have to be the case. Our service delivery is focused on guiding you through every step, making the process easier and stress-free. Here is a simplified overview of how the process works:

  • Project Evaluation: Every demolition job begins with a comprehensive analysis of the site and structural requirements.
  • Approval and Permits: Based on the initial evaluation, we complete the paperwork and secure all necessary permits.
  • Demolition and Clean-up: Once approvals are in place, the demolition process begins, followed by thorough site clean-up.


Why Melrose Park Residents Trust Eco Demolition

Our commitment to providing superior demolition services to the residents of Melrose Park extends beyond the call of duty. Whether you’re located in St Ives, Eastwood, Denistone, Lindfield, Killara, Beverly Hills, or Toongabbie, our commitment to serving you remains consistent and unwavering.

The comprehensive packages we provide, coupled with our firm adherence to Sydney’s regulatory framework, make us the go-to demolition service provider in the NSW region. Let us help you create your dream space!

For any demolition needs in Melrose Park, reach out to the Eco Demolition team at 02 9769 0050 or drop an email to secure your free quote. Let’s get started on building a cleaner future, today!

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