Demolition Lane Cove

At Eco Demolition, we provide premium demolition services in Lane Cove, with an unmatched dedication to safety, efficiency, and professionalism. With over 18 years of experience, we confidently cater to projects of all sizes, whether residential house demolition or commercial building teardowns. 


Our Services

Other services include

  • Shop strip out
  • Office strip out
  • Partial demolition
  • Garage demolition
  • Concrete removal
  • Clearance certificate
  • Tree removal

Knock down rebuild (KDR)

  • Full house demolition
  • Site clear and ready for building
  • DA approval (Private certifier)
  • Asbestos clearance certificate
  • Demolition clearance certificate
  • Asbestos removal & remediation
  • Partial demolition
  • Office / shop strip out
  • Commercial strip out
  • Asbestos report and testing
  • End of lease rubbish removal

Comprehensive Demolition Solutions in Lane Cove

Our demolition services in Lane Cove cover a broad spectrum, allowing us to accommodate various project requirements. We understand that every project is unique in scope and complexity, which is why our demolition services adapt to your specific needs. 

Whether it’s a large-scale commercial demolition or a smaller residential demolition project, our team handles each project with utmost care and precision. Our highly trained team, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, ensures that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

As one of the leading demolition contractors in Lane Cove, we go beyond mere demolition. Our end-to-end service includes not just breaking down your structure but also ensuring a clean and safe site post-demolition. We clear away the debris, rid the site of contaminants and prepare the land, ready for your next step.

And the best part? We understand the value of time in construction and thus gear our services to align with your timelines without compromising on quality.

Asbestos Removal Services in Lane Cove

Given the inherent health hazards, eliminating asbestos requires professional handling. Our crew at Eco Demolition in Lane Cove are licensed asbestos removalists. We follow a stringent process ensuring safety while maintaining compliance with statutory regulations. 

Our comprehensive asbestos removal service includes an initial asbestos inspection, followed by compiling a detailed asbestos report. This not only keeps you informed about the contaminated materials in your property but also enhances your planning. Our skilled team then proceeds with the safe and meticulous removal of asbestos, ensuring no harm to the surroundings or those within.

Investing in a qualified service for asbestos removal in Lane Cove becomes a health imperative.  Our team provides expert guidance and executed removals, helping you make informed decisions for your project.

The Eco Demolition Approach: Our USP

Eco Demolition in Lane Cove’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) lies within our approach to work. We don’t view each project just as a ‘job’, but as an opportunity to deliver excellence. Our commitment extends beyond the completion of the demolition.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous planning, efficient execution, and rigorous adherence to safety standards. Our clients value our transparent and communicative approach, ensuring they are informed and involved in the process.

Why Choose Eco Demolition for Demolition in Lane Cove?

Eco Demolition’s unparalleled commitment to excellence makes us a trusted choice for demolition in Lane Cove. Here’s why we are the top choice:

  • Extensive Experience: Over 18 years in the industry have honed our skills and competency to handle a vast range of demolition tasks.
  • Commitment to Safety: Embodying safety-first values, we ensure the safety of our crew and uphold the safety regulations laid down by government bodies.
  • Comprehensive Service: From obtaining necessary permits to post-project cleanups, our services take care of all aspects, providing a seamless experience.
  • Environmentally Conscious: We prioritise eco-efficient practices in all our projects, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable demolition practices.


Contacting Eco Demolition for your Demolition Project

Ready for your demolition project in Lane Cove? Connect with us at Eco Demolition. Call on 02 9769 0050 or drop us an email, and we would be delighted to discuss your project and provide a free quote!

Not in Lane Cove? No worries! We also extend our quality services in Eastwood, Gladesville, and St Ives. Whether your project is a house demolition or even a commercial tear-down, you can rely on us, Eco Demolition, to successfully bring your project to fruition.

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