Asbestos Removal Sydney

Approvals through private certifier or council

Demolition approvals in Sydney have become a simplified process using the services of a Private Certifier or PCA (Private Certifying Authority.)

Demolition approval through a Private Certifier is generally granted 2 weeks after the application has been submitted. Once Demolition approval is given in writing, there is a notification period of 1 week given to close proximity neighbouring properties informing of the approval and commencement of work. This is a part of the legislation that is governed by the NSW’ Government.

The process includes a 2 page form that is completed, along with the relevant documentation required by Eco Demolition to be supplied, which include;

  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Section 149 Certificate
  • Demolition Licence
  • Statement of Environmental Affects
  • Existing Site Plan
  • Asbestos Licence
  • Sewer Diagram
Demolition Approval Design

Clearance certificate including Asbestos tipping docket

Clearance Certificates, or better known as Asbestos Clearance Certificate’s is the first piece of document your builder will require from you prior to commencing any work on site. Most Demolition companies do not provide the correct Independent Clearance Certificate which is against the law. We provide our own Demolition Certificate along with an Independent Clearance Certificate to provide to your builder FREE and included in All our contracted work. Your builder will give you a list of requirements to ensure the demolition contractor follows their guidelines and provide you with a Clearance Certificate. If you are unsure, please call us and we will be happy to provide you with the information your builder requires. Our information is free with no obligation to utilise our services.

Asbestos Clearance Certificate

Along with the SafeWork NSW requirement that requires demolition companies to issue an Independent Clearance Certificate, we also provide a copy of the Tipping Docket issued by an approved EPA landfill issued where the Asbestos has been disposed of. This tipping docket is not a requirement for demolition companies in Sydney to provide, but Eco Demolition (NSW) P/L is dedicated to provide a service over and beyond what is industry practice.

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