Demolition Approval Sydney

Approvals through private certifier or council

Demolition approvals in Sydney have become a simplified process using the services of a Private Certifier or PCA (Private Certifying Authority.)Demolition approval through a Private Certifier is generally granted 2 weeks after the application has been submitted. Once Demolition approval is given in writing, there is a notification period of 1 week given to close proximity neighbouring properties informing of the approval and commencement of work. This is a part of the legislation that is governed by the NSW’ Government.

The process includes a 2 page form that is completed, along with the relevant documentation required by Eco Demolition to be supplied, which include;

  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Section 149 Certificate
  • Demolition Licence
  • Statement of Environmental Affects
  • Existing Site Plan
  • Asbestos Licence
  • Sewer Diagram
Demolition Approval Design

Clearance certificate including Asbestos tipping docket

Along with the SafeWork NSW requirement that requires demolition companies to issue an Independent Clearance Certificate, we also provide a copy of the Tipping Docket issued by an approved EPA landfill issued where the Asbestos has been disposed of. This tipping docket is not a requirement for demolition companies in Sydney to provide, but Eco Demolition (NSW) P/L is dedicated to provide a service over and beyond what is industry practice.

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