Asbestos Inspection

Are you concerned about the presence of asbestos in your home? For properties built or renovated prior to 1990, there is a high likelihood that you’re living with asbestos. Common locations where asbestos-containing materials are found include the roof cavity, exterior cladding, and kitchen and bathroom tiles, to name just a few.


With an asbestos inspection, you can determine whether asbestos is present in your property. Asbestos inspections are essential for a range of reasons, including prior to demolition. At Eco Demolition, our team is fully qualified to undertake asbestos inspections for you. Based in Concord, we can come to you and perform an asbestos inspection in Sydney. Following this, Eco Demolition can also assist you with asbestos reports and safe asbestos removal.


To find out how we can assist you with asbestos inspections, contact us today.


Why You Need an Asbestos Report in Sydney

If you suspect your Sydney home contains asbestos, it is important to arrange for a professional survey and report. This is especially important if you’re planning renovations or you want to demolish a home for knock-down rebuild purposes or any other reason.


At Eco Demolition, we will always follow our asbestos inspections and surveys with professional reports. An asbestos report will outline whether asbestos was found in your home, the location it was found, and what materials it was found in. Your asbestos report will also contain photographic evidence, as well as any other evidence that was gathered. All asbestos reports completed by our qualified team will also have our details present.


As well as this information, your asbestos report will recommend an action plan for the safe removal of all asbestos-containing materials. The Eco Demolition team can assist you with asbestos removal services so there is no need to find yet another provider. Asbestos reports are an important step to take before undergoing any work on a property.


To get your asbestos report in Sydney, get in touch with Eco Demolition today. For a free quote on asbestos inspections, reports, removal, and house demolition, give us a call now on 02 9769 0050 or send us an email.

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